fundamentals of ecological planning
AND building,

The Chair Fundamentals of Ecological Planning and Building was established in 1997. It is conceived not as a conventional subject area but as an interdisciplinary unit which aims to bring together activities in the field of building and the environment, working across the boundaries of individual disciplines, and aiming to identify and develop principles and tendencies. Ecological planning and building extends beyond individual disciplines and should become a fixed, interdisciplinary component of both the teaching curriculum and research.

The department is funded by the "Deutsche Bundesstiftung Umwelt" (German National Environment Trust). The Environment Trust was funding the greater part of staff and equipment costs for the duration of five years, after which these costs were taken over by the Freistaat Thüringen.

The department aims to develop holistic ecological concepts and to detail their implementation right up to the point of construction. The best possible co-operation between the individual professional disciplines and the building trade is sought. Depending upon the requirements and possibilities of particular projects, concepts can be developed individually up to the point of realisation. Emphasis is placed within the projects developed on aspects such as energy, water and materials and their integration in overall concepts.

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