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The only exception is the Taster Course (without Login and Password), providing a short overview of ECOBINE.


Internet Course for Doctoral Candidates and Others
This course is customised to the requirements of national and international doctoral candidates.
We offer limited periods of study: 3, 6 and 12 month.

Master Distance Learning
"Architecture and Environment"

Sustainable concepts are the basis for future-oriented planning and building. A holistic concept is important for every planning task. Understanding the basics, recognising chances and taking them, is the fundamental idea of the course and makes it unique in Germany. You will study the basic principles of architecture with regard to sustainable building and environmental factors.
This course is organised by WINGS, an enterprise of Wismar University (please see button Master Course in the main menue).

Taster Course ECOBINE
Interested parties may experience ECOBINE for a limited period of time. Please visit and click on courses and registration.

Courses for Students of the Bauhaus-University Weimar
This lecture-accompanying courses provide a comprehensive overview of ecological building. For detailed informationen please visit ECOBINE.

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